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Intro to Textiles 11/12

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Document Your work on your EDUBLOG!!!!


You will need:

  • A device that you can work on an Edublog page for this course to keep weekly posts, and a gallery of your Major Projects.

  • A sketchbook to draw out ideas, and keep notes. 

  • An understanding that you might get messy in the studio/ backup clothing/ appropriate studio wear. 

  • An understanding that we use what we can in the studio, but if you want specialty supplies, you will be expected to purchase them yourself

  • An understanding that you are free to use supplies from the studio, only taking what you need, always conscious of the environment, the needs of other students, and the studio budget. 

  • An understanding that you will not be dismissed from the class unless the studio is clean, and in proper order. 

  • An understanding that learning comes from the process of making. Final products may not look the way you expect. 

  • An open mind to new processes and information. 

  • To help others. This classroom is a community. 

  • To make connections. To collaborate.

  • To speak and act in a way that is respectful to all races, religions, genders, and sexual orientations, as this is a safe space, and anything less will not be tolerated.  

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