1: Apron

6 steps to completing projects

  1. Purpose/ Client: 

  2. Ideating/ Constraints:

  3. Prototyping/ Testing:

  4. Making:

  5. Reflecting:

  6. Documenting/ Sharing:

  1. Purpose/ Client: - Why make this? Who is your target market, or client?

  2. Ideating/ Constraints: Are there criteria you have to hit for this project? How will you generate ideas for this work? 

  3. Prototyping/ Testing: Design your project. Draw, plan, measure. make patters, coquis, flats & mood boards. 

  4. Making: Do the work. Do not rush. 

  5. Reflecting: Look back on the process and think about what went well, and what should change.

  6. Documenting/ Sharing: Photograph your work. decide how it would display. share work in a gallery, etc.