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My name is Mx. AJ Vittie

In my classroom you will learn from me, you will learn from other students, and I will learn from you. Recognizing this, I'm comfortable with breaking down the traditional hierarchy that forms the student-teacher relationship, and welcome you to my class as an equal. Feel free to call me AJ.

My Credo

I believe that every student hides within them a special treasure, and that a teacher’s number one priority should be to help students find that treasure and encourage them to share it with the world.  

I believe it is a teacher’s job to pursue the growth of a society by encouraging students to be thoughtful and conscientious citizens. No matter the subject, the learning outcomes always involve promoting respect, valuing community, and honouring oneself.

I believe a teacher should lead by example: To be fair, honest and trustworthy; a calm face in the presence of turmoil; an ear to listen without judgment, and a strong voice for equality. Teachers are more than just the leaders of the classroom—they are the leaders of a community. 

I believe that in order to maximize the potential of any curriculum, a teacher must be flexible and creative in their ability to adapt teaching methods to the needs of their students.  This requires an in depth knowledge of the subject matter, unbridled enthusiasm, and sometimes an unorthodox approach. 

I believe that students and teachers alike benefit from connection, laughter, and joy. It is important to acknowledge students for their strengths, and to make time to connect with each of them.  Encouraging students to connect with the teacher, and with each other, fosters a safe environment, and promotes creativity. Incorporating humour into any lesson helps release anxiety and engages a room. 

I believe that the label of teacher is synonymous with that of learner. True teachers are never satisfied with what they think they know; they are constantly looking at how to change a moment of knowing something into a moment of learning something—either by reflection or the pursuit of external knowledge.

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