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background image by Yasmin Grade 12 Gleneagle Secondary

Digital Collage

This assignment will require many mini-assignments. Please complete your Digital Collage by following the steps outlined below:

a) collage Images 

Collect images ( must be in public domain or with creative commons permissions) for your digital collage. You will need a high-quality image for two of the three portions of the animal figure (head, body, legs) as well as the background.


Make sure to save these images to your student drive in a folder named "collage images"


Search tools on Google:











If you click on the TOOLS button when searching an image, a bar will be revealed with more options. You can change the usage rights filter to meet your needs. For this assignment, you would want to choose "Labeled for non-commercial re-use with modification."



Alternatively, you may want to search specific sites that provide free images for re-use:





Life of Pix


Once your images have been approved you may move on to the next step. 




B) line Drawing 


Open Photoshop and create a new canvas that is 7.5 inches wide by 9.5 inches tall at 300 ppi. ( 7.5"x9.5"@300ppi). Title it Yourlastname, Firstname, Assignment Name, Block#. For example, mine could be called Vittie,AJ,DigitalCollage,Block1. Here is the NEW CANVAS demo video.


Open one of your animal images into Photoshop by going to FILE, OPEN, and find your file. 


Select the part of the animal you want to use by using the quick selection tool (or any variety of Photoshop selection tools). 


Once you have the section of the animal you want, you will copy it and paste it on to your 7.5 x9.5 canvas. It should show up on your new canvas as a new layer. 


Do this for 2 parts of your animal. 




Next, you will be creating a LINE DRAWING for one part of your animal (head, body or legs with feet). You will first start in pencil to get the shapes you want. NO SHADING.









Then you will go over your drawing in SHARPIE. This is so that your lines stand out, and are clear. You also want to be aware of the shapes you are creating for filling colours. For example, if I am making small circles on my octopus, and I want them to be a different colour than my tentacles, I will have to make sure the circles are CLOSED SHAPES. Open shapes are BAD, closed shapes are GOOD. Imagine a shape that is open will allow paint to spill into the next shape. 












You may also notice that you can see my pencil lines underneath my sharpie. This will all have to be ERASED. Pencil marks are BAD erased pencil is GOOD. 


Once you have completed your drawing, you will take a picture of it using the camera app. Just like other photos you can now open this file into Photoshop. Just open Photoshop, go to FILE, OPEN, and you will find your photo in PICTURES, CAMERA ROLL.


BEFORE YOU DO ANY DRAWING....please select your picture, copy and paste the LINES of your drawing on to your 7.5x9.5 canvas. For a demo on how to do this watch the LINES TO NEW CANVAS VIDEO.


Once you have your lines in your new canvas, you may want to clean up some black spots that came with your line drawing. Watch the demo video CLEAN UP LINE DRAWING here.



When learning how to play around in Photoshop you may want to watch my BASIC PHOTOSHOP TOOLS video.












C)Line Drawing  





Once you have completed your collage you will need to put it into a template. The template can be found DIGITAL COLLAGE TEMPLATE  Download it from the folder and open in photoshop to add your artwork. 


For a demo video on how to do this click how to DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE VIDEO and how to FILL TEMPLATE VIDEO.



Once you have your .jpg version of your Digital Collage (in your template) you are ready to hand it in. Click on the Hand In page on this website, click on your block, and then your assignment, and there will be an office 365 webpage that comes up for you to hand your work in to. 


For a how-to video on this click on HANDING IN YOUR DIGITAL COLLAGE. 



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