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Luminaries Definition: 

1: a celestial body, as the sun or moon.

2: a body, object, etc., that gives light.

3: a person who has attained eminence in his or her field or is an inspiration to others

This project is about sculpting with light. The ideas is to consider the object that will hold the light source, as well as the space and objects around the object, that the light will land on. 

My blog (embedded below) shows many inspirational images, and goes in to a bit if my process around this project. 

To complete the PURPOSE component of this project,  work in your sketchbook, do research, come up with 3 inspirational images, and make a blog post about it. Your post should include the tags #Vittie and # Luminaries
Then make a link to your post, and attach the link to this assignment, and turn it in. 

For the PROCESS component of this assignment each student will be making a minimum of 3 prototypes of luminaries, in at least 3 different mediums: clay, paper, and found/recycled materials. 
These 3 maquettes will be fairly small--approximatley 3"x5"x3" --to get a feel for the material. Students will be making clay slab luminaries, but have the option to make an additional maquette on the wheel if they plan to make a large luminary on the wheel for thier final version.
Each student will be able to use a small batter operated tea light to 

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