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Printmaking is a way of creating your artwork on a matrix that can be used to make multiple prints of it. One way is to create a relief of your artwork, such as with Lino Printing. 

Lino printing

The "lino" in a lino print is short for Linoleum because the block that is carved in to has been made out of linoleum. Newer products are more rubbery, but they are still considered a lino print. 

A Lino print is essentially where you cut out anything you don't want to be printed... and what is left is a RELIEF of your image that the ink will stick to and print on your paper. This is basically your own hand-made stamp. 

Some things to consider: Everything you print will be mirrored, so make sure to reverse text. 


Making a stencil is another way of creating images. Depending on what a stencil is made of, it can also be used to make multiple prints.

A stencil is used to block ink except in the spaces that have been cut out.  The cut-out areas allow the image to be placed on the surface beneath the stencil. 

Some things to consider: when cutting a stencil you must consider what pieces 

Cricut Machine
Hand-cut stencils
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