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Welcome to Art Studio 11/12

Art Studio is a course, where students will be learning both the theoretical and practical aspects of creating art.  There will also be exploration in the history, cultural significance, and environmental impacts of creating art. This course will focus on 3 aspects of creating art: Purpose, Process and Product. The goals of this course, written in I statements, are:

  1. I can create works of art that have purpose, and I can show how my work relates to artists of the past.

  2. I can use a variety of tools and strategies to work through the process of creating works of art.

  3. I can create a portfolio of work that showcases the products of my learning and share it with others.

  4. I can reflect on my work, and articulate my ideas, and share my ideas with others.

  5. I can create appropriate and relevant comments on others artwork in digital galleries, and in person.




Major Assignments will include a combination of activities, discussions, and coursework. Grades will be based on portfolio, that will include all aspects of work in a major project. Students will have an opportunity to create projects in a variety of mediums of their own choice, and a series of 9 Artist Trading Cards to showcase the practice of mediums, tools and strategies. There is also an inquiry project that students will be working on term-long. Information about assignments and due dates can be found in Teams.


Assessment will include a combination of peer and self-evaluation, and teacher feedback that learners can use to further learning goals. Final grades for this course will be based on a portfolio of 3 MAJOR projects, 9 Artist Trading Cards, and a BONUS inquiry-based project.

Major Projects 

Major projects will follow a theme, but will be open to a variety customizable options based on student choice. The list of themes are as follows: 

Artist Trading Cards

Collage & Found Art

Altered Books & Assemblage

 Printmaking & Stenciling

Click on each theme to find out more. 

Essential Aspects

Each major project will include smaller assignments that are a combination of activities, discussions, and coursework. Smaller assignments will cover 3 main aspects of creating artwork: 

Purpose/ Process/ Product

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