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Module 2: Innovate! 

For module 2, the culminating task was to create an outline of a lesson idea for my classroom, incorporating at least one new innovative strategy that I had learned about in this module.  I chose to use Augmented Reality in photo documentation and presentation of student 3D work. 

My Growth:

I was so excited to learn about the potential that augmented reality could provide in viewing and experiencing 3D work in a 2D gallery space. Unfortunately, the wonderful application that I had learned about was no longer available, and even replacement options are currently offline. However, I was so committed to the potential life-changing possibilities that this form of interaction with student work could provide, that I was determined to find a way to make my own application.

My 21st Century Classroom:

After spending countless hours developing an app that could provide an augmented reality experience for viewers, I think that the practical application of using my tool in the classroom must be put on pause. I did get a working version of the app, but because of the complicated nature of the process to prepare the AR, I have come up with a less dazzling, but much easier alternative to use in my lessons: Beside a big beautiful glossy photo of 3D work, I could provide an artist statement with a QR code that links to a video (the same one that would have been in the AR) for a virtual tour of the object. 

Mastery Mindset:

This project was one of those growth-mindset challenges. I was so frustrated at not being able to use AR in the way I had seen in example videos, that I had at one point decided I was just going to try to do it myself. I saw a tutorial online, and it really didn't look that hard. Ya Right! 


Trying to create this app was the most challenging computer-based task I have ever taken on.  There were so many failures. I had to re-install 2 times, the various programs. This project haunted me. I ended up with a somewhat working version, many days after the project was due. 

Inquiry / Critical Thinking:

Despite my determination, and my many hours dedicated to the inquiry to complete this app, it was really my critical thinking that has saved me. Being able to reflect on the program I made led me to understand that while the IDEA of AR is so amazing, the useability and functionality of what I created was not appropriate for the classroom. I would have to come up with an alternate solution, that could enable students to participate in the creation of an interactive tour of their work. 

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