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Assignment List

A: Welcome to Autodesk Sketchbook

B: Autodesk PLAY

1: Fruit Study 

2: Reflective Text and Simplified Shapes

3: Heat Press Image

4: Poster Analysis

5: Movie Trailer Comparison

6: Movie Analysis

Digital Media Art 

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Learn how media influences the viewer, and practice your skills decoding media we are exposed to. 

4. Print Ad Analysis

5. Trailers Comparison

6. Movie Comparison 

Constructing MEDIA

You are given a client with specific needs. You will need to Construct a logo that your client likes, but also does the job of communication and influence to the target market.

1. Fruit Study 

2. Reflective Text & Simplified Shapes

Your final project will be to create an image for a product. This image will be transferred to a fabric item. This could be a hat, shirt, pillow, mask or other item. 

3. Heat Press Image

Creating MEDIA
2020 /2021

This year we will be delving into MEDIA and how it influences us. To understand this will be learning how to READ media by analyzing Print Ads, Commercials, Movies, and Online Influencers.  We will be learning how to ‘write’ or CONSTRUCTING media by making Logos for a client. Lastly, we will be expressing ourselves by CREATING an image for a product or brand. This image will be transferred on to either a mask, a T-shirt, Hat, or another fabric item of your choice.




In order to be able to READ the media, we must understand a few things. 1) Media has the power to influence. 2) The medium is the message.

To understand how media has the power to influence, one must dissect the media into the individual elements to see how they affect the viewer physiologically, and through the connection to social and personal experience.  For example, what are the colours, shapes, textures, values, etc… that are in the work?

To understand how “the medium is the message”, one must look at the completed medium, how it is made and communicated, and how the viewer experiences the work physiologically, and through connection to social and personal experience. For example, is it printed on paper, made into a movie, or a .gif on the internet? The very form of media sends a message about its meaning.

When CONSTRUCTING media for a client, one must think outside oneself. A designer looks at the intention of the client (to get people to buy their product) and uses the Elements and Principles of Art to create an influential design that will communicate the client’s needs.

The Final Project for this year is to create your own design, that will be expressing yourself. This image will be printed on to fabric (i.e. mask, t-shirt-, hat, pillow). Students will take the information they have learned about reading and designing work and make something that inspires them. Students will need to create a profile for themselves and treat themselves as a client. This means that at the end of term each student will need to provide something to print on. This could be a plain mask, an old t-shirt or hat, a pillowcase, etc. Students will need to have the item BEFORE the design can be made for approval.


All projects will be assigned on Microsoft Teams. 

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