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3D work 
Document and Display

Displaying 3D Artwork can be a challenge. To do it justice, a 3D work needs to be given proper space. Work may need a plinth or display table; room to walk around, and view from all angles; a protective barrier to shield delicate components; or elaborate devices to hang and or install objects. 

When creating work, how it will be viewed is something to consider.  However, the displaying of work should not restrict an artist's desire to create innovative and interactive art.

At Riverside Secondary, students will have the opportunity to display their 3D work with photo documentation, and augmented reality. On a display board, photos of student work will trigger video tours and artist statements provided by the artist. 


The Goals:

I can  create   photo documentation of my 3D work. 
I can create a video tour  of my work to be viewed in Augmented Reality. 


Once your 3D work is finished, and your artist statement is written, you will be required to create a video tour of your work.


You may use the provided documentation space in the class or document your work at home.


You will also need to take a photograph of your work. 




Be consistent with your format. if you take your image in portrait orientation, then take your video in the same format. 

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