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Choose your music to fit the mood

 For this assignment, we will be downloading music from the TAKE TONES website: 


First, think of the mood you want to create, and then select a button the take tones website that fits the mood of your trailer. 





moods music.jpg

Once on the mood page of Take Tones, choose an appropriate mood for your trailer. For example, motivational. 





motivational mood.jpg

A list of songs in the appropriate mood will be provided. WHILE WEARING HEADPHONES you may preview the song by pressing the play button. 





play music.jpg

As an individual, you must come up with your top 3 song choices. We will not be downloading any songs yet, so just make notes of the mood, title, and artist of your top 3 songs. 


Eventually, your group will have to agree on one song, so think of reasons why these songs will be a good choice for your trailer. 


Remember: YOU CAN ONLY USE MUSIC IN YOUR TRAILER THAT YOU HAVE A LICENCE TO USE.  This means that you can only use music from this site (unless you have written permission by Vittie). 

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