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Passion Project Video

for grade 8's

This assignment will require specific criteria to be completed. 


Before you begin thinking about your video, you have to decide the type of GENRE you would like your video to be made in. 



1) Documentary

2) News Report

3) Commercial


Please follow the outline of a Short Video by following the storyboard below. To have the idea for your video approved, you must: 

1) Make a proposal regarding content and genre

2) Complete a detailed storyboard




Please note that your video must include:


1) Name and block on the first slide

2) Voice-over

3) Soundtrack

4) Still Image

6) Text (writing)

5) Credits for all people/artwork in video

6) Approx. 30 seconds-1min per person working on the video.


 A storyboard is a way of organizing your video/film/animation. It allows you to visualize the content, order, angle etc. of your video. It is also helpful for pairing speech or voice with images or text. 

A) Storyboard

B) Record Video

Using the Camera on your laptop, ( or a camera from Vittie) you will take a short video and any pictures you need.

C) Input to Spark

Once you have all of your content, and your script is organized on your storyboard, you should sign in to SPARK at


You will sign-in by email. The information and password are on the chalk board in MS. Vittie's classroom. 

D) Download and Hand in

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