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Project 2 or 2.1

The Fake Trailer


2 Structured and Filled 

Project 2 is designed for the student that prefers structure, with a template that includes a fill-in the blank style approach to creating the fake trailer. This option is designed for the average student, new to editing.

If you have advanced skills you may delete parts pf the template to fit your creative needs, as long as all the criteria are met.  

A) Pre Production Package

Pre-production is simply the planning stage of creating a video. Before you film, you must first decide what your video is about, how that story translates in to scenes in a video (storyboard and script), who will be in your video (permissions) and what other items you may need to complete your project (props and equipment). 

Pre-Production requires you to complete a pre-production package that includes: 

1) Storyboard

2) Release forms/ List of credits

3) Props


You may share story ideas, props and footage with anyone you wish to in class. You may also work on this stage independently if you desire. 

Once your Pre-Production package has been APPROVED by Mx. Vittie, you may begin the Production portion of your project. 

You will be marked on completion. 

B) Production 

Once your Pre-Production package has been APPROVED by Mx. Vittie, you may begin filming your video. As long as you have permissions of your actors, you may film them at school, or you may film at home. Your table group is there to help you if you need to be filmed. This portion is a group assignment, so classmates are expected to help each other. Footage can be shared with each other.  

You will complete self-evaluation. 

C) Post-Production

Once your filming is complete, you may begin the Post-Production process. EACH STUDENT NEEDS TO COMPLETE THIS PROCESS INDIVIDUALLY.  Some parts of post-production can be started before filming is complete if necessary (like a group member is away).  Things like finding music and making legacy titles can be done in advance. 

Your trailer must include the following:

 1 Must include minimum of 4 Legacy Titles:

         a) Film Title

         b) Featured Actors

         c) Credits (with appropriate credit given)

         d) Your choice

2  Must include video of you (or puppet/ action figure) and or other actors you have filmed (with release forms).

3  Must be minimum 30 seconds. Max 1 minute. 

4  Must include minimum of 1 edited song (that you have permissions to use). 

5  Must include minimum of 3 seconds of voice over (edited with essential sound).

6  Must include edited green screen video (or video inserted in to a green screen stock video).

7  Must include default transitions on all titles, sound, and video clips. (Unless for creative effect with permission from Vittie).

Hand In online to Vittie's folder. 


We will have an in-class viewing, you will complete a Self- Evaluation, and you will be graded on the final product.



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