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Creating Media 

Creating MEDIA

Your final project will be to create an image for a fabric item also know as a  "product". This image will be printed by Mx. Vittie, and heat transferred to a WHITE fabric item. This could be a hat, shirt, pillow case, mask or other item. 

  1. Final image Proposal

  2. Print-ready image

  3. Completed Print and reflection

dma cover.tif

Student Examples

sugary delights.jpg
Cano, Sienna REVERSE Final Image.tif
gamers only.jpg
gamers only reverse.tif
Goheen, Ava REVERSE final image.tif
Be your Beautiful self.jpg
CREATING MEDIA: Making your Final Image


You are now your own client. Imagine that you will be creating an image for a product (ie, a T-shirt, hat, facemask, eye mask, pillowcase etc). This product may be to advertise your company, or it could be an item in your line.


This could be anything from a personalized logo to promote your brand, or a creative digital painting to decorate an item. Your image will be transferred to a fabric item. Criteria for Final Image Proposal.


1.    Must be saved on template provided to scale. Maximum size is 4x6 inches @300 dpi on template, but may be smaller due to product specifications (ie face mask) but can be no smaller than 2.5x3.5 inches @300dpi

2.    Must include text (typeface that is legible) of your product line, brand or personal name.

3.    Must include minimum 3 simplified shapes. Digital paintings/ drawings or other representations will be considered instead of simplified shapes.


In order to complete this task, you have 3 separate assignments

1.    Final Image Proposal

2.    Print-ready Image

3.    Image of Heat-transferred completed product, and reflection.


Your proposal must include the EXACT size of final product. For example if you want to print on a mask, you must first get the mask, measure the size, and make a to-scale representation of the area your image will be going on. This means you need to find something that you would like to print on. YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF FINDING YOUR OWN LIGHT/White Cotton PRODUCT. This can be a pillowcase, old t-shirt, old hat etc.  I do not expect anyone to purchase an item for this project. Please see Mx. Vittie if you are having difficulty.

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